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Kristin Helgesson Svenske:    Freelance journalist

Texts that affect

Everything is (at least) something of the following:


My profession is to show this in text.

If you are looking for a captivating text with swing and vigour, that catches hold of the reader and is both linguistically and structurally pleasant, that is easy of access but still serious and profound, you have reached the right writer.
I write texts that give life to the reader’s interest, compassion and imagination. This may deal with people, animals, places, public interests or social structures; with news as well as historical events.
See “Collaborations” for a selection of the magazines I have worked with.



Images that convey emotion

I also delightfully devote myself to photojournalism. An image should convey emotion and detail, but always with a hint of a whole. For work samples, see "Photo". All images on this homepages, if not otherwise stated, are taken by me.



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Working codex

I never deliver a text that I do not personally think is great.

A great text:

  • Is well formulated
  • Has been thoroughly gone through
  • Is correct – neither facts and quotations nor the word choice of an interviewee should be wrong or manipulated.
  • Urges the reader to read on
  • Does not tell, but show
  • Does not only present words, but conveys smells, sounds and feelings
  • Refuses to let go of the reader before the end of the text. Preferably a little after.



Photo: Calle Björned