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Kristin Svenske: Personal

For education and CV, see "Education". The following is highly personal and without nuances.

I live by writing. That means I travel, cycle, wander or drive around, experiencing things. Immediately, my brain starts reformulating impressions into text.  Gradually, these texts are printed in a magazine that is mass-produced and distributed to a selection of people. These people turn my impressions into their own by reading, interpreting and reflecting.

I began to read and write at four years of age. My first production was an explanatory note on the kitchen-sink, with the (misspelled) words ”This iss a candypelet”, to prevent my father from (yet again!) throw away a left over piece of sweets which I (of course) had saved for the following day.

I am more accurate these days. I want the text to be perfect. I am a linguistic pedant, in a refreshing way, and I want each word to exactly correlate to what I feel – exactly to what “it” was like. Or is like. Every word, every phrase and sentence should be in the same harmony as colours in a picture or notes in a melody! A

A major part of my teenage years I earned my living by writing short stories. From the Swedish teen magazine Frida STORY to the weekly, pensioner’s magazine Hemmets Veckotidning. Les extrêmes ses touchent! Creative writing I still do often and with joy, in English and Swedish. I assume writing is a little like a drug... Well, I suppose every person should have some kind of bad habit.

It is a true sense of happiness to be able to live off one's passion!

Another great interest of mine is music: listening, playing and singing. I take weekly singing lessons in various genres. Jazz, musicals, rock, folk ballads: anything that’s got swing! I enjoy a delightful opera just as much as seeing the Rolling Stones live at Ullevi, the outdoor arena in Gothenburg, or a 17-man-band in a smoke-filled basement in New York.
Although Elvis is and remains the King.

Regarding passions in general, may it concern writing or playing music, there are few people who have expressed themselves more-down-to-the-point than the jazz musician Frank Wess, who in an interview gave the following tip to young musicians:

"Make sure they can live with it...'cause if they can't, there's no point getting into it. It's a 24-hour thing. If you can't deal with it 24-hours, whatever it is, music or anything else, you shouldn't bother with it…at least not as a life's work. Whatever you choose you gotta be able to live with it 24-hours a day 'cause you might have to do it that long to make a living at it."


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Working codex

I never deliver a text that I do not personally think is great.

A great text:

  • Is well formulated
  • Has been thoroughly gone through
  • Is correct – neither facts and quotations nor the word choice of an interviewee should be wrong or manipulated.
  • Urges the reader to read on
  • Does not tell, but show
  • Does not only present words, but conveys smells, sounds and feelings
  • Refuses to let go of the reader before the end of the text. Preferably a little after.



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