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Coming up: Sailing adventure in the spirit of the 18th century with the East Indian ship Götheborg.
Stage 2: 2-20 June, Stockholm - Tallinn via Helsinki.



Kristin Svenske: Photo

From writing, I have moved on to the art of photography. Which, really, is not so different from writing. In both cases, the point is seeing, watching and observing.
In my search for details I experiment often and with delight through new angles, focus and composition and never hesitate to climb, crawl or jump to get the best shot possible.
The photographs are a fantastic complement to a text. To express emotion also in pictures, be it sorrow, happiness, sense of humour or anger and thereby create interplay between the text and the images, is a wonderful challenge.  

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Limited Label icon 100



Canon EOS 400D





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Working codex

I never deliver a text that I do not personally think is great.

A great text:

  • Is well formulated
  • Has been thoroughly gone through
  • Is correct – neither facts and quotations nor the word choice of an interviewee should be wrong or manipulated.
  • Urges the reader to read on
  • Does not tell, but show
  • Does not only present words, but conveys smells, sounds and feelings
  • Refuses to let go of the reader before the end of the text. Preferably a little after.