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Coming up: Sailing adventure in the spirit of the 18th century with the East Indian ship Götheborg.
Stage 2: 2-20 June, Stockholm - Tallinn via Helsinki.



Kristin Svenske: Collaborations

A selection of the daily papers and magazines I work with. Clicking on the titles will take you to the magazine's homepage.

Sweden’s second biggest morning paper (Gothenburg)

Dagens Nyheter 
Sweden’s biggest morning paper (Stockholm)

Lira Musikmagasin
Sweden’s best music magazine with focus on jazz, folklore and ethnic music.

A popular weekly mag.

Vi Föräldrar
Sweden’s most read magazine handling issues regarding children, parenthood and family life.

Härliga Hund
All (and more) you ever wanted to know about dogs.

Same, but regarding horses.

Aktiva (Skolföräldrar)
Active School parents”. Discusses parenthood and school politics.

Svensk Sjöfartstidning
Swedish version of the Scandinavian Shipping Gazette.

Deutsche Logistik-Zeitung
German paper on transport, shipping and logistics.

I write in Swedish, English and German.


Here are a couple of links to some of my articles that have been published on the Internet – unfortunately only in Swedish!

 "För smart för skolan" (GP)
Regarding gifted children's difficulties in school created by the national system. 
"På våg att bli slöjdlärare" (GP)
Deafness is no obstacle for university student Torbjörn Karlsson.

"Internationell fikapaus" (GP)
Mixed tongues at Gothenburg's language café.

"Rätt sak på rätt plats" (GP)
Take a look behind the scenes during a performance at the Gothenburg Opera.

"Direkt från Radio JMG" (GP)
A day with the radiostudents at the Gothenburg university department of Journalism and Mass Communication.

"Kyssar gör dig kärare" (ICA-Kuriren)
Historical review regarding the importance of kisses to mankind.




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Working codex

I never deliver a text that I do not personally think is great.

A great text:

  • Is well formulated
  • Has been thoroughly gone through
  • Is correct – neither facts and quotations nor the word choice of an interviewee should be wrong or manipulated.
  • Urges the reader to read on
  • Does not tell, but show
  • Does not only present words, but conveys smells, sounds and feelings
  • Refuses to let go of the reader before the end of the text. Preferably a little after.